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Technica USA’s Success with Maskless DI Equipment Continues
with second installation at APCT

San Jose, CA – October 8, 2014 – Frank Medina President of Technica USA announced recently that the sales and activity for the Maskless DI equipment continues to be successful.

"We are very pleased with the continued sales activity and interest in the Maskless DI equipment.  We have installed 4 units in the past quarter and have had several successful evaluations during this same period," said Medina.

“We are particluarly pleased with the recent installation of the second machine at APCT located in Santa Clara, CA. APCT was an earlier adopter of the Maskless Technology and the collaboration between our companies has been very instumental in the advancement of the Maskless technology. Like with so many of our Maskless customers, Technica and Maskless have benefited from our relationship with APCT. In turn, APCT has also benefitted by being able to advance their capabilites in the type of printed circuit boards they produce by employing the Maskless Technology.

The second machine installed employs Maskless’s latest in LED technololgy which will provide APCT with more HDI capability,  capacity and printing of finer features with solder mask.

About Technica, USA

Technica, USA provides the highest quality equipment and process materials, manufactured worldwide, for the printed circuit board fabrication and assembly markets as well as the microelectronic, photovoltaic and printed electronics markets. For more information on Technica, USA, please contact Jason Perry at 1-408-240-5950 or visit www.technica.com