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Technica USA to Expand Role with ASM Americas

March 01, 2016 at 9:00 AM

Technica USA is pleased to announce the appointment by ASM as the exclusive U.S. Distributor for the new E by SIPLACE placement equipment. The E by SIPLACE is an exciting new product that is being introduced by Technica at this year APEX. The equipment offers customers world-class performance for mid-speed/high mix applications. 

Frank Medina, President of Technica USA stated, " We have had a very successful relationship with ASM since establishing a true partnership a few years ago. Together, we established a West Coast Demo and Training Center at our facility in San Jose, CA that provides a great service for our customers."

Jeff Timms, head of the SMT Segment of ASM in the Americas added,  "While aggressively expanding our SMT product portfolio on the high-end / high performance market, we needed to quickly add resources and infrastructure to enter, develop and support the mid-speed/high mix market segment. With the existing organization managing the growth of the high end portfolio, the most prudent way to launch this product family, while keeping cost in line for our customers, was to establish a separate distribution arm for E by SIPLACE. Technica has the infrastructure and personnel to provide the sales and service support necessary to meet our E by SIPLACE customer requirements."

Medina went on to say, "The E by SIPLACE sets a new standard in this class of equipment for quality and performance. We are confident that customers will quickly appreciate the advantage this equipment will offer their operation as compared to other equipment in this product segment. We invite customers to visit us at this year's APEX at Booth # 1127 to learn more about the product and see the E by SIPLACE in action."  

About Technica, USA

Technica, USA provides the highest quality equipment and process materials, manufactured worldwide, for the printed circuit board fabrication and assembly markets as well as the microelectronic, photovoltaic and printed electronics markets. For more information on Technica, USA, please contact Frank Medina at 1-408-240-5950 or click here.

About ASM

The SMT Solutions segment of ASM Pacific Technology

Since the acquisition of printing specialist DEK and its integration into ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) on July 2, 2014, ASM Assembly Systems has been operating as ASMPT's SMT Solutions segment consisting of the Printing Solutions Division (DEK) and the Placement Solutions Division (SIPLACE).

SMT Solutions develops and sells best-in-class DEK printers for the SMT, semiconductor and solar markets as well as best-in-class SIPLACE SMT placement solutions. Both divisions use the ASMPT organization to let their customers enjoy significant competitive benefits. ASMPT's SMT Solutions segment shares and expands its expertise with electronics manufacturers and partners all over the world. Its goal is to improve its customers' workflows and use new technologies to advance process integration in the industry.