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Technica, U.S.A partners with EMC as Master Distributor in NA

February 04, 2013 at 12:00 PM

San Jose, CA, USA - Technica, U.S.A, a leading distributor of high-quality materials and equipment to the electronics manufacturing markets for more than 25 years, has secured a partnership with EMC (Elite Material Company, Ltd.) as the company’s U.S.-region Master Distributor for their halogen free, mid- and low-loss materials.

Technica, U.S.A. President Frank Medina said of the partnership with EMC, “We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to supply EMC's materials to the U.S. market. The requirements for mid- and low-loss materials are growing and will continue to grow in the future. EMC materials offer PCB designers the combination of improved electrical performance, enhanced thermal reliability and an environmentally friendly advantage. They have developed laminate materials that meet the requirements for PCBs employed in high-speed network equipment, such as switch, router, servers, network storage equipment, 4G LTE base station, IC Testers, and high frequency measuring instruments, in addition to many more high-performance products.  The EMC products we will be offering to the market will be in addition to the multilayer and rigid board products we already offer from Grace Electron and Shanghai Nanya. The partnership between Technica and EMC will provide U.S. printed circuit board fabricators with immediate access to these materials. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and EMC."

Elite Material Company (EMC) was founded in 1992 by the ex-GM of the first laminator in Taiwan (OAK, and now Isola Taiwan). The founding team, with the accumulated knowledge of the market and technology, was able to focus within the more demanding thin core CCL segment, which was mainly for HDI application and handheld devices at the time. Today, EMC has five factories, including three in Taiwan, one in Northern China and one in Southern China, with revenues of US$550 million (2012), EMC ranks as the seventh largest CCL maker and second largest in the halogen-free segment worldwide (Prismark, 2012).  With the demand for green material growing in the infrastructure market in recent years, EMC has been supplying low loss halogen-free material to support the leading datacom and telecom companies worldwide. 

EMC CEO Albert Tung said, “We feel fortunate to have Technica as our partner in the U.S. with a long track record and solid reputation of serving the North America PCB industry. EMC is committed to providing our partner with the best support possible to increase our market position in North America.”

About Technica, USA
Technica, USA provides the highest quality equipment and process materials, manufactured worldwide, for the printed circuit board assembly & fabrication markets as well as the microelectronic, photovoltaic and printed electronics markets. For more information on Technica, USA, phone 1-408-240-5950 or visit www.technica.com.

About Elite Material Company, Ltd.
Elite Material Company is one of the largest green laminate makers in the world, focusing on material solutions for PCB manufacturing/applications with high-reliability requirements. Please visit us at www.emctw.com.