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Elite Material (EMC) Introduces Very-Low and Ultra-Low Loss Materials for 100 to 200 Gigabit Ethernet Applications

December 29, 2015 at 9:00 AM

EM-891 and EM-891K laminates and prepregs are designed to deliver excellent insertion loss performance for super high-speed line card and backplane applications.

Elite Material Co., Ltd. (EMC), an industry leader in copper cladded laminate and prepreg materials, announced the release of EM-891 and EM-891K laminates and prepregs, which enable super high speed signal to be transmitted at 25 to 50 Gb/s per channel for 100 to 200 Gigabit Ethernet (100 to 200 GbE) applications.

With the increasing internet connected devices such as IOT, Big Data analytic and autonomous driving technologies, more and more speed hungry devices are developed by OEMs to foster ultra high-speed cloud computation, these have subsequently propelled the transmission speed requirement up to 100 to 200 GbE for wireless network, mega data center and fixed network infrastructure globally.

According to EMC’s alpha-site test, the E-glass version, EM-891 has 10% less insertion loss than Megtron-6 HVLP material; and the low Dk glass version, EM-891K has 25-30% loss improvement over Megtron-6 HVLP. We are confident that these two advance base materials will give even more design freedom to both OEMs and ODMs.

Albert Tung, president of EMC, states, EM-891/ EM-891K is truly another crucial milestone for EMC. Again, we have demonstrated our continued commitment to meet the needs of the most cutting edge Datacom and Telecom designs and cost reduction requirements for our customers."

For more detailed information, please contact Frank Medina, president of Technica, EMC’s US master distributor, at 1-408-240-5950 or send your e-mail to vincent_choi@mail.emctw.com.

About EMC

Elite Material Co., Ltd. (EMC), headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, is known for its leading halogen-free technology and is the 5th largest laminator in the world providing PCB base material solutions for the datacom, telecom, server, storage, automotive, cell phone and tablet applications.

EMC also provides world-class quality Mass Lamination service to global PCB industry as well as metal core material solution for thermal conductive and heat sink applications in its HsinChu plant in Taiwan.

For more information, please visit EMC website at www.emctw.com or visit Technica web site at www.technica.com.